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NU Media’s Ada Hu on What Motivates Her

Inspired by those without a voice, NU Media Founders and longtime friends Eva Jiang and Ada Hu are on a mission to help businesses with promotion. Especially in these unprecedented times, marketing services are needed now more than ever.

What motivates you?

Ada Hu: What motivates me the most is my team and seeing just how much NU Media has grown. It is incredibly inspiring to see the success we’ve all created. I always say that positivity encourages progress and I see our team flourish more every day.
Every day I come into work with such excitement and joy because seeing the growth of all the NU Media team members makes me realize what it truly means to influence othes around you…

How do you generate new ideas?

Ada Hu: I constantly generate new ideas by learning and observing new things every day, even when I don’t mean to! I work hard to surround myself with others who think differently than I do and this allows me to recognize necessary changes and come up with innovative ideas. This industry is always changing and I am always looking for inspiration and motivation everywhere I go. I read everything I can, from newspapers to subway maps. I listen to podcasts and speeches and I try to experience all that I can, firsthand. I find that ideas flow best when I’m in situations that are unfamiliar for me.
I read and observe. I am always observing the changes within the industry.

What are some goals you’re currently focused on?

Ada Hu: My goal in life has always been to empower others and to create a positive community. Regardless of where I am or who I am with, everyone deserves to be surrounded with positivity and empowerment. These values work best together, building upon each other and amounting to a goal that has powerful results. I’ll know that this goal has reached a pinnacle of success when I see positive effects within my company and community.

What gets you most excited about the company’s future?

Ada Hu: My team members are what get me most excited about the company’s future. NU Media wouldn’t be where it is today without all the hard work the team has put in. I am filled with excitement when I see growth in each of our team members. The business grows stronger every day because of the teamwork that we work so tirelessly for. Our four departments are Marketing, PR, Digital Design and Website Development. Together, we work to collaborate on projects and succeed as a community. NU Media’s future strives for inner-departmental growth and our individual teammates flourishing. Efficient and bustling, the work produced reflects our positive atmosphere. As we grow larger each day, the excitement builds and our goals are reached. The future for NU Media is bright and we attribute all our success thus far to our hardworking team.

What is your greatest fear, and how do you manage fear?

Ada Hu: I don’t have any fears at the moment. I’m fearless because I’m confident and always able to acclimate. I work hard every day and even harder when problems need solving. I never get down when I am stressed, I lean on my team.
I don’t really have any fears, to be honest… I am fearless.

What are your ideals?

Ada Hu: My ideals reflect on the personal and professional experiences I have had. Throughout my career, my goal has been to help as many young women as I can possibly manage. I aspire to inspire because I am driven to help others grow. One of the biggest ideals I hold close is women helping other women. Another goal I have is to help as many companies as possible. Whether it be through setting up a business’ website and profile for increased visibility or writing a press release that can allow the public to learn more about them, I believe in helping businesses when we can.
Ideally, I wish to help as many young women and businesses as possible in my career.

How do you define success?

Ada Hu: I find that success can be defined in many different ways that are personal and specific to each individual. Feelings of fulfillment and happiness are how I know I had a successful day. If I can look back on what I’ve done and smile, I would classify that as success. It can also be measurable by how far you have gone for a client. If you can honestly say that you’ve given your full effort, it can always be viewed as a success.
I think success could be defined in many different ways. Being full-filled and happy is what I would call success.

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