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Aaron Ware is a High School Drop Out with Nothing Now An Entrepreneur Making $20 Million Annually

Aaron Ware’s story is not your typical #TGB but nonetheless is nothing short of a miracle. From a nobody to one of the most successful entrepreneurs, Aaron had only his dreams, to begin with. But with hard work and utmost dedication, he accomplished the impossible.

Aaron made up his mind that by sacrificing his teens and all the cool things that his friends and people his age enjoyed, he will be steps closer to his dream.

Aaron recalled that he started working at a tender age of 11 years as an electrician’s assistant. He said that this was his first taste of financial freedom.

He eventually dropped out of high school and worked his way in mining and construction. This was where he met people who were earning so much and yet had nothing. 

I don’t want to end up like this,” Aaron said to himself. 

Giving Up His Twenties – To Retire In His Thirties

Aaron experienced first-hand how regular hardworking folks lived—working themselves to the bone, missing out important family milestones, and sacrificing their personal pleasures all for a meager wage. 

He decided that he can’t live this way. This was not the life he wanted for himself.

I gave up my twenties to retire in my thirties.” 

Aaron had the dream of earning his first million by the time he turns 30. Everyone thought this was impossible, but Aaron proved them wrong. 

In just the past three years, his business thrived from half a million to a company earning 20 million annually. 

A Small Sacrifice For The Ultimate Goal

Aaron Ware’s transformation from a high school drop out to a successful entrepreneur was not smooth sailing. There were times he wanted to give up, times when he reached a point that he didn’t know what to do. 

He recalled the times when he and his best friend drove around, knocking on doors and asking people if they had electrical work that needed to be done. 

He begged and pleaded to anyone for work. He even had times he had no idea where he can get work the next day. Aaron kept on pushing and eventually landed jobs for big projects. He was finally making ends meet and had money to start his own business finally.  

Aaron bought Pedley’s Electrical Services with a couple of hundred thousand dollars, all the money he saved. Slowly but surely, he transformed his business into a thriving company that’s making more than eight figures. 

Success was also coupled with some drawbacks. 

Aaron revealed that he went through a lot of pain and issues that double in size month after month, year after year. The young entrepreneur admitted that he made the following mistakes:

  • He hired the wrong people.
  • He trusted the wrong people. 
  • He bought the wrong things. 
  • He spent money in the wrong areas. 
  • He wasted money on marketing and ads.
  • He never had systems. 
  • He never had training. 
  • He never had a culture. 
  • He never had goals or tracking. 
  • He never understood accounting.

But Aaron never let anything get in the way of his success. He managed to use all these negative things, all obstacles, to improve his business. 

Getting Help Along The Way

What helped him most was learning all about obstacles that may be blocking his way. He focused on these hurdles to systematize his business. 

Aaron said: “Now that I look back on it all and kinda have it all figured out, I’m thinking you know what? It didn’t have to be that hard. I remember waking up in the middle of the night with heart palpitations from all the stress and nearly having break downs…and I just know deep down inside me it didn’t have to be that hard.

He took negative reviews and comments from customers and used these to become a better business owner and eventually improve his business. 

Sharing His Success & Blessings

Aaron admits that he also had some regrets. He once said that if he had known all these techniques a few years earlier, he would have earned more than 20 million dollars yearly. 

Aaron wants to share his business growth and personal passion with young people like him. He is very active in social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube, where he regularly updates his followers with business ideas and entrepreneurial skills. 

Aaron also wrote Trade Made, a book about how to grow a business. This book is available online here. People who would like to get to know Aaron may also check him out through his website.  

Another way Aaron extends his help is through online training classes. These classes target people in the trades and construction business but are also available to anyone.

Aaron invites people who want to move past all obstacles and conquer their dream to be part of his classes. Interested people may follow Aaron through social media or check out his website for online training updates. 

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