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From Prison to Prosperity: Behind the Brand Story of JR Anthony, Founder of LiveSotori

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Some brands are born out of pure ingenuity.

Others are born out of a need that someone identifies and then meets.

Few are born out of one man’s battle for survival — that’s the story behind LiveSotori.

Let’s take an educational trip into the not-so-distant past and look at the birth of LiveSotori and the lessons that we can learn from it.

Down Doesn’t Mean Out

Many people get discouraged when they hit a low patch in life. They believe that being down completely disqualifies them from succeeding in life.

But down never means out.

No one knows this better than Junior “JR” Anthony, founder of LiveSotori. He’s gone through some of the worst situations that life can throw at a person. One example was nearly freezing to death when he was locked in his car during a blizzard. The car (which doubled as his house at the time) was buried under snow, trapping him inside.

No situation in life is permanent. You have to take control and change your narrative. Even if you’re down, you can still write a great comeback story. So, never give up in life, even if you’ve hit rock bottom.

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Know Your Prison — and How to Break Out of It

One of Junior’s regular places of abode was the jail cell. Though his stints were short, he still learned an important lesson: Prison is not made of physical walls. Real prisons are systems and mentalities that keep people from living their dream lives. Real incarceration is being trapped in a life that you know is not the one you’re meant to be living. In Junior’s words: 

“The worst thing about being in jail was the feeling of knowing that I did not belong. I was surrounded by people who were in a completely different caliber of criminal; these people were in there for murder and drug trafficking, among other charges, while I was in there for a very minor shoplifting charge that I did not commit.”

Let’s face it: Chances are that the life you’re living now is not the life you dreamed of as a child. It’s not the life that you pictured for yourself in your teenage years. The prison of mediocrity and an unfulfilling life has you in its cold shackles.

How do you break out?

Acknowledge That You’re in Prison

First of all, you must acknowledge that you’re in prison. The life that you see others enjoying? That’s the life you could be living. So, stop looking through your prison windows at what could have been, and make it be.

Until you realize that the life you’re living is not the best, you’ll be stuck at that level forever. It may be a painful process, but evaluating where you are and where you should be is necessary to change your life’s narrative. Self-evaluation is crucial if you’re to move from prison to prosperity.

Change Your Mindset

The second step to breaking out of your prison is to change your mindset. 

A chance encounter with an elderly inmate was Junior’s first step toward changing his mindset. Upon hearing the old man’s regrets about the choices he’d made that had led him to being incarcerated for 15 years, Junior made a decision to never walk the same path.

However, the biggest encounter Junior had that led to him realizing the power of a positive mindset was with Vishen Lakhiani, when listening to a Mindvalley webinar. This led to an adventure into the study of spirituality, which then led Junior to discover that the soul grows in two ways:

  • Kensho. This is growth that’s inspired by pain.
  • Satori. This refers to growth that comes about as a result of insights gained.


Falling in love with the word satori, Junior knew that he had stumbled upon the name of his next venture. He replaced the “a” to make it sotori, as this reminded him of his short stint as a musician. 

This journey to discover the spiritual side of life made Junior realize that his mindset was his most significant limiting factor. Up until that point, getting a client that paid $1,500/month was a pie-in-the-sky dream. His biggest mindset shift was to know that he was more valuable than money. That revelation changed the course of his life, as he soon landed his first $1,500/month client. 

The universe rewards you according to the value that you place on yourself, not the value that society has placed on you. So, discover your true self and change your mindset.

Work Toward Your Goals

One thing that you’ll learn on the journey from prison to prosperity is that it takes a great deal of grit and hard work. As someone who didn’t know much about Facebook ads and digital marketing, Junior knew that he had to learn fast if he was to bring in results for his clients. He had to work harder than other digital marketers. Don’t let anyone fool you; the road to success is not easy. You must put in the work before you can start reaping the fruit.

Use Your Experiences to Help Others Out of Their Prisons

With a handful of clients under his belt, Junior was doing pretty well for himself. Life couldn’t be any better than this — or so he thought.

But a big shift in his life and business was about to come from an unusual place.

While trying to help his friend break into affiliate marketing, Junior purchased an affiliate offer that led to him joining a Facebook group of affiliate marketers. It was in that group that he realized that many people were clueless about most things digital marketing. Seeing a need that had to be met, Junior decided to set aside time in his schedule to help other group members get the same results that he was getting with his campaigns — all for free.

That was the rebirth of LiveSotori, even though he didn’t know it at the time.

Soon, Junior’s classes moved from one person at a time to over 20 students. With so many students asking for mentorship, Junior realized that he had to change his model if his students were to get the most value out of his knowledge. That’s why he launched his 2- Day Live Workshop. This is an intensive two-day program where he teaches his students how to succeed online, particularly with affiliate marketing.

LiveSotori has evolved into a powerful platform and community where Junior raises “sharks.” One of the program’s unique aspects is that most students come to him when at the cusp of giving up on their dreams of making money online. Having spent tons of money on courses that yielded no results, most are surprised at how Junior’s tips change their lives and businesses.


LiveSotori: It’s More Than a Program, It’s Your Life

One of the reasons LiveSotori students get tremendous results is that they receive more than just a course. They are part of a family that’s committed to seeing them achieve their goals. An important lesson Junior teaches his students is that the value of your life is not in money, but in helping others

Some classes take on a more personal note, as students share their deepest fears, traumas, and feelings. This emotional release helps develop more grounded entrepreneurs, who can then take on any challenges that come their way.

LiveSotori’s mission is to help people transition from prison to prosperity. No matter your prison, no matter how down and out you may consider yourself to be, there’s hope for you. Junior has made it his mission to help you find yourself and orchestrate your own prison break.

Few brands have a backstory as colorful as LiveSotori. With all the lives being changed by the programs, the brand’s story just keeps getting more colorful. If you feel like you need help breaking free of your prison and starting your journey to a prosperous future, visit LiveSotori. It could be the best decision of your life.

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