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Bob Mangat’s Millionaire Mindset Took Him From Broke To Success As A Serial Entrepreneur

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His entrepreneurial mindset, drive, and commitment to himself were needed to create his ideal lifestyle. He has built an empire but started off with very little. His success is proof that one can do it, despite all odds.

Let’s meet Bob Mangat.

Who Is Bob Mangat?

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Bob grew up with two immigrant parents, not having very much, and watched his parents struggle to make ends meet. His hardships continued in his youth as he hit rock bottom and then went from nearly homeless and dropping out of college to becoming near bankrupt. He envisioned the life he wanted for himself and changed his mindset, worked hard, relentlessly even. In that pursuit and hard work, he went on to create one of the most successful real estate companies, to date, in Canada and then years later a multi-million dollar empire.

Bob was determined to create a life where he could have family, wealth, and a lifestyle that suited his needs and wants. As such, he changed his mantra for business to “less clients, more money.” 

“Remember 6 months of hard work and focus can put you 5 years ahead in life,” says Bob.

Building Businesses and Helping Others Find Success

After creating a profitable real estate company he built the invigo group, a marketing agency, and several other companies under one umbrella. With this, he had no capital to invest and started with zero credit.  Within 5 years, with zero capital, that group became a phenomenal success, managing several businesses across North America and million-dollar campaigns

He has worked with over 2000 companies, helping many of them turn a profit within 18 months. 

His passion for creating and helping others grow in today’s online space fuels him. He spent a long time perfecting the formula he has created and then tested it out over and over on the businesses he helped grow. 

It’s no wonder that his newest company 1440 Ventures, builds, acquires, and grows real estate, e-commerce, and technological companies. 

1440 Ventures launched in January 2021 and has already acquired 5 different brands. All of which are generating revenues monthly and scaling upwards at an exponential rate. For example, look at one of his newest acquisitions,

CartClicks is an agency that scales e-commerce brands using their proprietary system of managing ads for online retail companies. They have seen their clients achieve 3 to 5 times their ROI and earn revenues beyond 6 figures within 30 days. 

The Future is Bright

Along with company and business development, Bob Mangat has also been investing and building real estate companies since the early 2000s. As a result, he’s helped people invest in over $50 million worth of real estate, and secured over $200,000 in monthly positive cash flow. He’s developed and revitalized properties all across North America and is now focusing his efforts on new developments. 

At the end of the day, Bob’s portfolio is proof that he knows how to build brand authority towards profitability beyond one’s wildest dreams.

Many of today’s and tomorrow’s entrepreneurs can see success by following Bob Mangat’s ideology and drive. With his ventures, past and present, Bob Mangat is laying out the path. 

Bob uses his Instagram to share his successes and tips on how to grow monthly revenues online, and create wealth and profit through technology, resources, and tactics.

Follow and for more inspiration. 

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