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Be Your Own Boss: Insights from Danielle Amos

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Danielle Amos is a motivational speaker and mindset coach who focuses on business success as her main topic. She attended personal growth talks from world-renowned speakers such as Bob Proctor, Landmark, and Tony Robbins. Danielle commits herself to help others flourish by applying the techniques and concepts from personal growth seminars. She is the current owner and founder of Danielle Amos, Inc. Mind, Body, and Soul Coaching. People can find the same success as Danielle’s clients in making more money during the pandemic if they learn the right techniques from her insightful journey.

Budding Struggles

It can be a struggle to be successful amidst an ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, struggling is part of the process. According to Danielle Amos, what led her to develop the idea of establishing Mind, Body, and Soul Coaching is because she was confident about doing it. Amos left her corporate day job to fulfill her goal of being an entrepreneur in network marketing. In the beginning, she assumed that it would be an easy task since she was previously successful in her past job.

However, like any other starting entrepreneurs, Amos struggled as well. She became frustrated, mean, bitter, and questioned her techniques and methods for two and a half years until she found a material that guided her in the right direction. In 2015, her mom invited her to a Bob Proctor seminar on the human mind and success. 

It became Amos’ foreground when she started winning in life by tripling her income, garnering awards, having more opportunities to be a speaker, and overall grow better as a motivated and hardworking person. Amos noticed how her confidence flourished through her company’s success, which urged her, even more, to provide help to others, especially to women who are becoming frustrated for not being able to deliver their wanted results.

Starting the Hustle

The hustle Danielle Amos underwent is very inspiring. Many people are curious as to how she has been able to acquire such success with her business. The hustle for her business success started when Amos became a client of a particular material. She is fond of reading self-help books and attending seminars but found it useless after not seeing the results she wanted in her work. However, things changed when she eventually learned how to apply the work techniques to her life and think differently.

Amos’ usual paycheck ranged from $2,000 to $2,500 in June, a month before attending the Bob Proctor seminar. She received as high as $4,000, while she also received as low as $1,500, which was never enough to cover her expenses. This crisis even made her incur debt with an amount close to $100,000.

After six months, her paycheck became four times greater. She then started simultaneously working in the network marketing company and beginning the coaching business. With that, she received her first $25,000 paycheck by March of the following year. The increasing pay just kept on coming, in that she has earned $150,000 from February to May of the same year, and over a hundred thousand in a month of the following year.

danielle amos

Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur 

Danielle Amos does company promotions through word of mouth. She believes that if she does an excellent job with the people she works with, others will notice it. Since she talks a lot about money and success, other people witness the improvement and get curious about it. During this pandemic, social media platforms’ fair use can help those who want to succeed as Danielle’s clients in making more money amid COVID-19.

Amos considers that being one of Bob Proctor’s protégés is by far her most significant professional achievement. She is among the top ten of the company out of thousands of consultants worldwide. Amos looks up remarkably to Bob Proctor and believes it is a privilege and an honor to be directly working with him. She recalled how she knew nothing about Bob during the first talk and is now his protégé after three years.

Danielle Amos advised young business owners who are seeking a more prosperous life in the new normal. To become successful, she said you need to be persistent, open-minded to new ideas, and dream big, like a creator of images.

Being a Visionary

Amos says that having good pacing and accepting change is a must. She reminds everyone to work smarter and more effectively by focusing on one’s mindset before taking action. As a visionary of her company, she shares her dream for Danielle Amos Inc. of taking it on the global stage. 

Amos wants to showcase her company in ways never done before. Moreover, it doesn’t matter where you came from or your past. By being proactive, you can make more money amidst COVID-19, even if you work from home. Amos envisions her company to grow into a multi-million dollar company that earns more and gives back more. With this, she wants to connect more people and promote support for communities.

Planning the Future

Amos noted that the difference between her success to other competitors is that she helps people go to the root cause of their current results. She guides clients through self-image and confidence work using her intuition. With this, clients can express what they want to change and given guidance to achieve their goals.

In planning for the future, it is inevitable to encounter adversaries. Just like in this trying time of the COVID pandemic, it is an adversary in which many people struggle to make money. In making tough decisions at work, Amos says it is essential to think critically. As an entrepreneur, she is quick at resolving problems and has developed to follow her intuition. She believes that it should always be aligned to her vision and not conform to fit any other person’s expectations in doing coaching.

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