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WRAWKSTAR – 21st Century Artist Creating Music of the Future

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WRAWKSTAR is an Indian-American rap artist hailing from San Diego, CA, currently residing in Austin, TX. He takes inspiration from artists old and new as he works to create genre-bending, melodic rap music that still keeps its traditional elements intact at times. Along with music, he also runs a clothing line WRAWK.

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Tell us about WRAWK. How did you come up with this idea? 

WRAWKSTAR: WRAWK is all about ruthless self-expression. Being yourself to the very core and owning it. It’s how I’ve always lived my life and how I encourage others to live theirs, as their true selves. WRAWKSTAR is the musical embodiment of this philosophy. 

How did you promote your music and brand in the early days?

WRAWKSTAR: Sharing with people who know and care about you is always your first go to. Don’t be ashamed of your art, if people like you they will like what you create. After that, keeping engaged with your fans and clients on social media is essential. It doesn’t matter if you have 1 fan, or 1,000,000. Be grateful for every single person and let them know that you appreciate them, this gratitude will spill over and only attract more people

How have you been able to grow your business? Be specific.

WRAWKSTAR: If you enjoy what you do, growing your business will be a lot of fun and naturally motivating. On the merch side, I’ve created a blog that features other creatives doing cool things in the world. This collaborative growth strategy brings more users and sales to my website but also provides a platform for others. It’s a win-win. Musically I take the same approach, collaborations and working together to gain and give exposure to new fan bases. It’s all about working together.

Stream WRAWKSTAR’s new single Moved On

What are some secrets to virality/sales in your most successful platform?

WRAWKSTAR: Being yourself, across all platforms and expressions. The more authentic you are, the more people will vibe with you.

Teach us something new… 

WRAWKSTAR: The concept of a skill stack is one everyone should know. It’s unlikely that you’ll be in the top 1% of any one skill (if you are then stick with it and go hard), but it’s a lot more manageable to be in the top 20% of a 5 separate skills. Doing this will let you earn just as much if not more money than being really good at just one thing.

What do you think you do better than most people? How are you able to do it?

WRAWKSTAR: Forming meaningful relationships with people. I don’t think I’m better at it than anyone else, I just value it more. Meaningful relationships are what make life fulfilling, interesting, and fun! 

What music are you working on right now?

WRAWKSTAR: I have a lot of unreleased music ready to be dropped! I just came out with my debut single Moved On a few days ago, and we are already at almost a thousand streams! My next single I’m A Rapper is dropping June 5, and it’s an absolute club banger. Very excited for that one to come out. After that I’ll be releasing possibly another single and then my debut EP ALONE on all platforms sometime in June or July. I’m gonna be releasing music all year, once you get going, don’t stop!

Where do you see yourself and your product, company, or brand in the next couple of years? What is your dream?

WRAWKSTAR: Making music and designing clothes full time, I feel like I’m already living the dream. I only see things getting bigger. In a few years I’ll have millions more streams & listeners, a thriving apparel brand, and amazing people to share it with.

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