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Born and raised in Seattle, Nick Jordan was never a great student. He dropped out of college and moved to Rio De Janeiro to pursue his dream of becoming an entrepreneur and founding a startup. And then failed.

He moved back to America and tried again. And failed. Again. 

After many ups and downs, he realized that he had made the mistake of founding startups before he had employee experience. At a Hacker Live meetup, he started talking with a startup founder. Nick didn’t even know what he was talking about, with all kinds of “enterprise” stuff and technology involved. He got a job interview, and eventually, got hired as the employee.

He was negotiating, closing, and going to market with companies like Rackspace, GoDaddy, Sprint, Comcast, Time Warner Cable and all of their peers across Canada, EU, and APAC. In four years, they grew to 200 employees without raising money.

Then everything imploded. He burnt out, and spent 6 months on a beach after resigning.

Sitting on a beach sounds great, but it’s pretty boring.

And after a few months he joined an SEO agency to help with marketing and sales. He grew the company blog from 0 to 100,000 organics/month in 13 months and continued developing SEO skillset through smaller, less ambitious internal projects.

Then he left and bought on a credit card and began hustling to pay it off. ContentDistribution has taken 4 more projects from 0 to 100,000 organics/month, with the biggest one growing to 1.5 million organics/month.

All this success meant only one thing — that ContentDistribution needed to grow. They needed to hire writers, editors, content managers. With little to no experience in hiring, Nick and his team managed to grow the agency from 0 to 35 full time team members in less than two years.

Nick noticed that there’s a lack of specialized tools that help companies build content teams at scale. So, he made one. Years and years of startup founding and failure led to Workello, the only tool hiring managers need to hire high-quality content teams.

Workello was born in summer 2021 in a Barcelona apartment when Nick and his co-founders realized that starting a SaaS company is their dream. So how did Workello happen?

The key to hiring content teams

According to Nick, every word is a liability when it comes to content. If the writer doesn’t care, they can create a liability. If the editor doesn’t care, they will let it slip. If the content manager doesn’t care, they will let it go live. The next thing you know, you have a company blog filled with misinformation, outdated content, irrelevant sections, or just plain lies.

Every single word is a chance to create a PR disaster. And if you’re a founder, a director, or a CEO, you don’t have time to go over each and every piece of content your freelancers submit. You don’t have time to edit, polish, and QA articles every day. You have a business to run.

So, the key to hiring content teams and actually getting to a point where you can focus on business development is to hire people who care. And you hire people who care by offering them a smooth, respectful, and fast hiring process and onboarding. 

“Your best candidates are evaluating you as much as you’re evaluating them”, says Nick, “Which is why Workello is designed to keep your most invested candidates engaged”. 

Having been on both sides, both as an employee and as an employer, Nick Jordan was able to gauge the very specific details of a hiring process that guarantees that both parties can have a pleasant experience, and ultimately have a smooth collaboration.

After a long and successful run with SEO, this Seattle-native is taking over the world in SaaS and giving back to the community that embraced him by giving away all of his secrets and providing a tool that can actually help people get 1.5 million organic visitors and grow their businesses, just like Nick did not too long ago.

Just like SEO is not as hard as famous gurus would like you to think, hiring is the same. To do good with SEO, you don’t need to figure out what the 200 ranking factors are. You just need content velocity and high-quality content. To get high-quality content and achieve content velocity, you need to hire a lot of writers and editors. And to hire a lot of writers and editors, you need to show your candidates that you care, that they can build their career with you (and not just do a short writing gig), and that they can rely on you to develop their skills, progress, and do bigger and better things.

SaaS companies love Workello because of Nick’s unique approach to hiring and recruitment, and they regularly meet with the team for product feedback and knowledge transfer from Workello team to theirs.

It seems that Nick is unstoppable in his newest startup quest. It doesn’t seem that he will spend months and months chilling on a beach anytime soon., And it definitely doesn’t look like he’s moving to Rio de Janeiro. It appears that Workello really was his ultimate goal and the purpose all the failures in the past were leading him to.

Written by: Nick Jordan from Workello. 

Nick Jordan is an entrepreneur and founder of Workello, a new startup that helps ambitious startups hire remote roles. With a background in SEO, Nick drove 4 projects from 0 to 100k organic visitors/month, with the biggest one generating 1.5m. Now he helps others get the same results

City where you’re from: Seattle

Favorite quote: Careers are measured in decades, not months or years

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