Meet Jimmy Geib an entrepreneur and social media INFLUENCER who paved his way to success at a young age

Jimmy Geib is a 22 year old entrepreneur and social media influencer who is currently riding high on the path of success.

Jimmy started his digital journey as an entrepreneur at the age of 16 when E-Commerce and dropshipping started to become popular.  With his advanced knowledge in web development from prior projects, Jimmy was able to design eye catching advertisements and websites.

Soon after running stores in various niches, Jimmy decided to build, brand, and sell custom e-commerce stores. This gave him the push to launch a full service digital agency, which he named Geib Unlimited.

Currently, Jimmy is not only a successful entrepreneur in the e-commerce industry but he is also known on TikTok where he posts snippets of his lavish lifestyle, including yachts, private jets, and helicopters. 

With the spike in usage of social media due to the recent global pandemic, Jimmy took the opportunity of the larger audiences to create engaging and educational content. By doing so, Jimmy has reached over 120,000 fans across his social media platforms.

Jimmy is also known for actively speaking on his disabilities, Ehlers Danlos and Kidney Disease. Notability he frequently helps other disabled entrepreneurs kickstart their ventures through one of his various consulting businesses.

Apart from e-commerce, Jimmy Geib is also involved in business development, web development, programming, influencer marketing, and much more.

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Abdullah Raaj is founder of Ventures Bite, a digital marketing agency. He is a Serial entrepreneur. Who is exert in the field of Development and Marketing "known as Marketing Specialist".

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