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Best-Selling Author Derrick Grace II on How to move Towards a More Educated Culture

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The world of business and finances can be incredibly intimidating and ruthless for uneducated people trying to get by. It takes a good amount of knowledge to successfully navigate the real world, and unfortunately, much of the information needed to become successful and financially adept isn’t taught by traditional education mediums. Thankfully, we have people like Derrick Grace II in the world, who has put a great deal of effort into educating the masses.

Grace is a serial entrepreneur, launching several different business ventures and reaching a level of success many never see. Grace got his first major start after selling one of the highest-rated apparel apps on the Google Play store, and went viral, gaining millions upon millions of views and growing a massive social media presence. While building great success for himself and his family, Grace has developed curriculum and educational processes that would enable others to do the same.

Grace is a #1 best selling author, selling over 50,000 books independently, covering a wide range of topics from child education, co-parenting, gun education, and curriculum.

Further pushing important education to the public, Grace also launched a board game called “In Home Banking”. The game is meant to be an entertaining, educational experience, and covers topics from financial literacy to small business ownership within the gameplay. Grace has sold over 8,000 copies of “In Home Banking” so far, quickly selling out.

Taking a more direct approach to educating the masses on important life skills, Grace went on to launch a movement he calls “The Unlearn and Relearn Movement”. Taking a focus on financial independence, self will, ownership, and family business, Grace has pushed this movement to his hundreds of thousands of social media followers and created the Independent Unlearn and Relearn Academy to further fortify his movement. The Unlearn and Relearn Movement continues to expand, helping more and more people to understand how to achieve financial freedom.

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